A major part of Brinlex Heat’s business is collaborating with owners, architects, builders and mechanical engineers to develop hydronic heating solutions for housing, apartments, commercial/industrial facilities and multi-level buildings.

As experienced and licensed plumbers and hydronic heating experts, we understand the building process intimately and have the technical skills to develop a heating plan that will fit in with the vision and values of our partnering professionals.

We respect the skills and expertise of other professionals, and also strive to add value by offering flexible solutions and creative problem solving to ensure a high quality, energy efficient heating solution.

It is important to develop a customised approach for each project as different locations, building materials and finishes (timber vs concrete) will require different hydronic heating solutions.

We work with many architects and builders who consult with us during the initial stages of a project as they appreciate that it can dramatically cut costs and labour time. For example, incorporating piping within a concrete slab itself is much more efficient and less expensive than an In Screed solution when piping is placed on top of the slab.

Brinlex Heat is also efficient at delivering projects in accordance with timeframes and budgets, as well as reliable tendering submissions based on consultant drawings and specifications.

Why You Should Partner With Brinlex Heat

  • Experience: Established in 2012, we have extensive experience working alongside mechanical engineers, architects, builders and home owners. Hydronic heating requires a very different approach to air-conditioning installation, and for those professionals who are unfamiliar with the system, we will provide guidance on how to develop a cost-effective and efficient solution that fits in with your specifications.
  • Qualified and versatile: Brinlex Heat has a team of licensed plumbers, gas fitters, drain layers and hydronic heating specialists who can deliver a solution for even the most complex of projects. Brinlex Heat team members carry between 10 to 25 years’ industry experience with extensive hands-on knowledge in the construction and maintenance sectors.
  • State-of-the-art technology and choices: We stock a large range of high-quality products sourced locally as well as globally including the well-respected European brands Immergas, DeLonghi, Jaga and Uponor.
  • Making it easy: You will have the same site installation contacts throughout the project and a clear line of communication at all times. We ensure the installation of all equipment and pipework is coordinated with other trade services, allowing for a smooth delivery process. We understand that these projects may take many months/years to complete, and commit to being available throughout the construction period.
  • Trusted professionals: We trust our professional tradespeople to take responsibility for each task overseen by a highly knowledgeable and accessible management team. Trusting each other and our capabilities is an integral part of the Brinlex Heat philosophy. We also adhere to the highest level of OH&S regulations.

Hydronic heating is now established as one of the most superior forms of heating available offering comfort, efficiency, versatility, less noise and many health benefits. Brinlex Heat can partner with you on your next building project to deliver a solution that will complement your goals and integrate with your processes.

We welcome enquiries from architects, builders and engineers who would like to know more about how we can partner with you to develop the best possible hydronic heating solution for your clients. Contact Brinlex Heat now.