While we most often associate radiators with the traditional cast iron column models, today’s designs extend to both redesigned classic options, as well as sculptural sleek panels that deserve to take centre stage.

Choice abounds with a huge array of styles, sizes and colours available that will complement any existing décor. The models of yesteryear have been reimagined into sleeker, efficient versions that complement the enduring architectural styles of Sydney’s Art Deco apartments, Victorian terraces and Californian bungalows.

Alternatively, contemporary radiator panels can be used as statement pieces, or through the right colour and style are able to blend in discreetly with the surrounds.

These flat-panel styles incorporate cleverly-designed heat exchangers to increase surface areas and ensure maximum heat. Their slimline, wall-hung design means they are also incredibly versatile when it comes to positioning and saving space.

Hot Colour Choices

Brinlex Heat is able to customise the colour on steel panel radiators to ensure it complements your existing interior colour scheme.

For steel and aluminium units, we use the extensive Dulux powder coating range, which offers a durable and tough finish and includes everything from bold brights to subtle neutral tones. We can also effectively spray-paint cast iron models using a heat resistant paints in a wide range of colours.

We have delivered successfully on customer requests for radiators in fire engine red, metallic bronze and a black pearlescent finish. We have also been able to deliver on various shades of white.

Clean-Line Appeal

One of the most popular models on the market is the stylish and compact DeLonghi Radel Steel Panel Radiator. As a well-known and respected Italian brand, DeLonghi creates radiator panels that are sleek and streamline in appearance to fit in seamlessly into any décor.

Available in a broad range of heights and widths in a quality finish, DeLonghi also has a range of Radel Vertical Steel Radiators. Unobtrusively positioned flush to the wall, these attractive panels deliver heat when horizontal space is in short supply, or when integration with good design is essential.

These DeLonghi radiator panels boast maximum efficiency and are built to last coming with a 25-year warranty for complete peace-of-mind.

Classic Designs

The Sirius Aluminium Radiator is another lovely design, that has proved incredibly popular recently with those living on Sydney’s North Shore. Its smooth clean line and slim profile blend in perfectly with the timeless elegance of Hamptons-inspired interior design. Manufactured in 100% recycled material the Sirius Aluminium is an award-winning radiator with impressive thermal efficiency.

Brinlex also stocks a range of modern designs that are almost artworks in their own right including the stainless steel Ceres, which gives the appearance of floating off the wall, and the stunning Bells Beach curved front panels that can be fitted in tall and narrow, or low spaces.

Timeless Elegance

The traditional cast iron radiators are still widely appreciated for adding timeless elegance and character to any décor. Some models like the Hunt cast iron models feature a rough, rustic, almost unfinished surface, as well as moulded feet and complementary old-style valves.

Others, like the Trieste, are more ornate featuring engraving and footed end sections, and are a modern tribute to the beautiful radiators of the 1920s.

In addition to choosing a style and colour, many of our customers like to further customise their radiator with valves that come in a range of finishes such as copper and or brass as well as vintage and modern designs.

Visit the Brinlex Heat showroom to see some of the great radiator options available, or contact us now to discuss the right design for your needs.