Worthy Of An Award

A Stunning Design.

“We were walking around in t-shirts, shorts and bare feet, in the middle of winter, and we had the windows open.”

At the centre of the renovation of Stuart Kirk’s two bedroom apartment in Woollahra is Brinlex Heat’s hydronic heating which has not only transformed his lifestyle, it has delivered a pleasant surprise: being featured in a design magazine.

“We have three metre high ceilings and one foot thick walls, so the apartment always took a long time to heat up. Heating it was central to our renovation and very important. My wife said the one thing I want is a warm home.”

Stuart’s heating solution is a testimony to the uniqueness of Brinlex Heat’s hydronic heating – capable of delivering a constant flow of moderate heat to all corners of the home whilst also making a bold design statement due to contemporary European-inspired styling and Brinlex’s exclusive colour-matching.

“The horizontal panels are aesthetically very nice with their smooth surfaces. They are flush against the walls – we didn’t want them to obstruct any part of the house.”

“It was important that they complemented the age and style of our home and that they blended in as much as possible to the walls. This was easy to achieve because Brinlex can powder coat their panels, and Brent helped us to colour match them to the decor.”

In contrast to this, the vertical panel was mounted to be a feature of the home,

“It is nearly two metres high and it’s really cool. We didn’t know that you could make a heating unit into a design statement.”

“We really like the look of them. We’ve had friends over from overseas. They understood the concept of hydronic heating but didn’t think of it for Sydney, but they loved how warm the house is. We all walked around in shorts and bare feet in the middle of winter. They were really impressed with the look of the system and said it’s nice to have something different.”

The stunning hydronic heating system is so aesthetically appealing that it will be appearing in an article in September Belle magazine and has been shortlisted in the Australian Interior Design Awards 2017.

For Health Reasons.

Hydronic heating was an easy choice for Stuart and his wife. They had lived overseas where it is commonplace,

“It’s so cold over there and you run your heating for six months of the year. Hydronic heating is constant and very energy efficient which is why they like it. We knew if we wanted to have our heating on for long periods of time this was the only way to go.”

His health was another reason,

“I suffer from asthma. We don’t have any carpet or curtains in the apartment. We had to make sure that it wasn’t a dry heat that blows air on you. That irritates me. We needed radiant heat not gusts of it. We had a gas heater before and it was a quick way to heat the room but it left condensation on the windows. There’s none of that with hydronic heat.”

We Trusted Brinlex.

“Brent came out to the apartment a number of times and he worked closely with our architect. He managed the project, went under the house, looked at where the piping had to go, helped to plan the location of the units and the gas boiler, and helped with designing. He was very conscientious. He was in constant contact keeping us up to date. If I had a a query I knew I could text him and he would instantly respond. At the end he came out with the team to test that it was working okay.”

“When they placed the boiler outside at the back they made a bespoke box for it and powder coated it to match the building. This is the level of detail that they went to. I was happy to leave the keys with them, I had that trust in Brent and Adrian to let them into my house. I was very, very happy with their work.”

“The system we went with has a gas boiler feeding seven double horizontal panels under the windows in each room plus a vertical panel in the living area. The boiler is the most efficient way of heating a home, I wouldn’t use electricity to do this.”

“Having the panels under the windows means that we leave the windows open, even in winter. The colder air draws the heat out of the heaters and it radiates across the room.”

It Feels Like Paris Every Day.

Each panel has its own thermometer and there is a computer in the hallway which controls where the heat is. Stuart has it set to come on at a certain time of the day to keep the apartment at a constant temperature. In winter they leave it on all day.

“We feel like we’re living in Paris. The apartment has this grand feel to it and it is always comfortable. They are amazing heaters… we’re so happy we did it!”

Location: Woollahra
Architect: Marston Architects

Brinlex Heat Hydronic Heating Solution:

  • A25 horizontal and vertical panels – powder coated
  • TRV Ideal Valuers – powder coated to match panels
  • Dual energy elements to enable towel rails to operate outside heating season
  • Imber gas Intec 30 Combination Gas Boiler