Underfloor Trench Heating

The discreet way to heat your home.

For homes with floor to ceiling windows, large sliding doors or limited wall space, an underfloor trench heating system is the discreet and effective way to heat the home.

Like all other Brinlex Heat products, underfloor trench heating works by natural convection, so it emits a gentle and comfortable heat that reaches every corner of the room.

Invisible hydronic convectors are mounted within compact trenches that are recessed to finish at floor level, and then covered by a stylish grille. Extremely versatile and available in a wide range of materials, colours and finishes, Brinlex Heat stocks trench systems to suit all interiors.

For multi-storey buildings or homes with floating floors, we also stock a range of trench heating options with minimal recess depth that still retain the powerful capabilities of regular-depth systems.

Supplying systems of the highest standard.

Our exclusive JAGA trench solutions are certified to EN442 European standards, the only accredited standard guaranteeing heat outputs. It is a mark of a product that provides sufficient heat with a low water temperature, making it extremely energy efficient.

Don’t compromise on your space or comfort levels. Choose a JAGA system from Brinlex Heat for seamless integration and energy efficient performance.