Something Old, Something New

Complementing The Decor.

This heritage house in Sydney’s inner west was built back in 1841 and its thick sandstone walls and high ceilings ensured it was cold and uncomfortable in the winter months.

Owners Hugh and Petula tasked Brinlex Heat with improving their lifestyle while remaining sensitive to the architectural style.

“Foremost in our minds was the need to customise a new heating system to the layout and structure of the home, while ensuring it aesthetically complemented the Victorian decor. We did not want to make significant alterations and it was very important that we preserved the homes original features. This means it was not your typical project”, said Petula.

The couple chose hydronic heating because they were aware of how effective it is – Petula first experienced it at boarding school and later whilst living in the United Kingdom. It was also important that it was an environmentally friendly solution.

Petula said Brinlex Heat inspected the home and designed the system with their design parameters clearly in mind. Clarity around the available custom colours ensured their proposal successfully integrated the new with the old.

“The aged look and feel in the basement was achieved through the use of DeLonghi Tubular panels with visible copper flow and return lines. It was not a straight forward installation but the Brinlex Heat team were very adaptable.”

“Upstairs was a different story. The rooms have old timber so we didn’t want bright white wall units. The beauty of going with Brinlex is that they work with a powder coater to customise the panels. We selected more modern panels and were able to choose specific colours which complemented the decor. One of them is Matt Champagne Kinetic, a lovely metallic bronze colour.”

With hidden piping and colour coding the panels ‘disappear’ into the walls.

Full Of Praise.

Petula is full of praise for the Brinlex team,

“Brent has a scientific approach to heating. He spoke of the ventilation aspect and a whole range of areas to consider. He is very articulate and intelligent.”

“Every aspect of the project is managed and delivered to a high standard of service. We would definitely recommend Brinlex Heat as a trusted supplier.”

Their Brinlex Heat hydronic heating system has totally transformed the historic home,

“Last winter we used the hydronic system for the first time. We lived in a constant warmth distributed evenly through every room of the home. It was a definite change to our home”, said Petula.

Location: Balmain
Architects: N/A

Brinlex Heat Hydronic Heating Solution:

  • DeLonghi Radels Steel Panels – Powder Coated
  • DeLonghi Radel Steel Vertical Panel
  • DeLonghi Tubulars – Powder Coated
  • Immergas Gas Boiler