Forefront Of Sustainable Architecture

A Fantastic Feeling.

“It is a very efficient form of heating, a low-energy radiant system which creates a fantastic feeling in your living spaces”, says Simon Anderson, director of Sydney based Anderson Architecture, who is a true believer in the benefits of hydronic heating.

“We have integrated hydronic heating into a number of our housing projects because it really is at the forefront of sustainable architecture.”

Simon recommends the installation of systems that collaborate between under-floor heating and wall mounted panels.

“The ground floor is the coldest area in a home. By heating the slab and utilising it’s natural convection it enables heat to penetrate all parts of the home.”

Simon equates the experience of convection heat to sunshine in winter,

“I call it soft energy. It wraps around you, and, it doesn’t dry you out like air conditioning.”

Pipes can be laid in a slab, on top of a slab and under timber flooring.

We Prefer To Work With Brinlex Heat.

“The reason we like to work with Brinlex Heat is because they are engaging and have the technical skills. They are experienced across all aspects of hydronic heating. There are other companies out there which are good at the sales pitch but they are not technical.”

“We determine the efficiency envelope of each property we design, give the data to Brent, and he helps us to determine the best possible heating solution which will provide year round comfort and meet our energy targets.”

“The beauty of this system is choice. Brinlex Heat can supply you get a gas boiler, which is the main trend, or you can choose from one of their heat pumps which are the most effective of all, pumping out three to four times more heat energy than energy being consumed.”

“The Brinlex Heat solution is programmed to switch on a few times during the day, then the heat permeates all of the living spaces to enable consistent comfort. I’d recommend having it turn on in the early morning so that when you wake up the house is perfect.”

For long-term renovation projects he said even if a customer does not want the system today the laying of pipes in a slab now, can be complimented by adding the and the heating system later.

Simon also likes the fact that Brinlex Heat offers a point of difference: customised colour coatings on their wall mounted heating panels.

“Every client we talk to would like hydronic heating.”

Location: Lewisham
Architects: Anderson Architecture

Brinlex Heat Hydronic Heating Solution:

  • In-slab solution for new slab
  • DeLonghi vertical in new Master Bedroom
  • DeLonghi Tubuler’s in bathrooms
  • Heating via an Immergas Boiler, run through an Immergas Partage Box