Hydronic Heating

A gentle and inviting heat flows evenly throughout your home unaffected by the changing seasons.

You are ‘wrapped’ in constant warmth provided by efficient heating, for much less than the cost of traditional heating.

Hydronic heating has been the preferred choice for heating in the colder climates of North America and Europe (Central Heating) for decades. It uses natural convection and silent radiant heat from under-floor installations and wall mounted radiators.

Brinlex Heat hydronic heating does not dry like reverse cycle or create humidity like gas heaters. Say goodbye to condensation, moisture, mould and airborne bacteria which can affect allergen and asthma sufferers.

Thermostatic control optimises your comfort throughout the home on an hour by hour basis. You’ll be in shorts and t-shirts all year round.

Brinlex Heat hydronic heating is ideal for any home and commercial environment, changing the way you live and work. The Brinlex Heat hydronic heating range includes:

Brinlex Heat - Hydronic Heating

Elegant Engineering.

Brinlex Heat designer radiators are different from all other forms of heating. They make a beautiful design feature in your home.

Select from a broad range of contemporary European styled panels and traditional radiators.

Only Brinlex Heat offers custom-colouring in stunning pearlescent, gloss, satin and matte finishes from our partner Dulux Powder Coatings colour palette.

There is a reason why Brinlex Heat hydronic heating is a favourite amongst Sydney architects and interior designers.

Environmentally Efficient.

Unlike conventional air conditioning, heavy on the use of electricity, Brinlex Heat hydronic heating is much more efficient.

The secret is our choice of heating technology and the natural convection method which continues to radiate warmth throughout your home long after your thermostat slips into sleep mode.

Our gas boilers operate at 98% efficiency. When linked to our under-floor and wall mount systems you require 20% less energy than other heat sources. For even more efficiency choose our state of the art heat pump technology.

Keep your Brinlex Heat hydronic heating system running all day… whilst reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your energy bills.

The Brinlex Heat Difference.

Brinlex Heat’s highly efficient and environmentally friendly hydronic heating solutions make it possible.

We change the way you use your home… and add real value to your greatest asset.

Only Brinlex Heat offers a wide range of traditional and European inspired hydronic heating solutions that complement your décor. Crafted from steel/aluminium/stone, featuring textured and smooth surfaces, and individually coloured using the Dulux Powder Coating palette.

Supreme comfort all year. That’s the Brinlex Heat hydronic heating difference.