A combi boiler, i.e. combination boiler, is both a highly efficient hydronic heating boiler and a domestic hot water system in one complete wall-mounted unit.

Hugely popular in the UK, where it accounts for an estimated 74% of the market for new boilers, the units are usually run on gas and offer instantaneous hot water flowing from taps within 20 seconds of turning them on.

These space-saving units efficiently cover the hydronic heating and hot water needs of two bedrooms, lounge, one bathroom, a kitchen andlaundry, making them ideal forthose living in apartments, townhouses, semis or duplexes.

Combi boilers can also be used as a second hot water system, e.g. in addition to a main hot water system but used just to service the bathrooms for constant and instant hot water.

A combi boiler is not able to supply a flow of hot water and service the hydronic heating system at the same time so priority is given to providing hot water as needed. However, this temporary break in the hydronic heating supply, e.g. for a shower, will not be noticeable as heat is retained in the solid masses of the room, e.g. the concrete slab floor, radiators, furniture andwalls.

Plenty of Benefits

Mosman apartment owner Cheyne De Beer installed an Immergas Intec combi boiler five years ago to service her domestic hot water needs as well as the three radiator panels positioned in her lounge room and both bedrooms.

Fed up with ‘freezing in Winter and electrical bills that were getting worse each year’, Cheyne and her husband, Kobus were keen to ditch the gas and fan heaters and install hydronic heating, which they had experienced overseas.

Cheyne says she was pleased to discover that a combi boiler could do the work of two systems. Replacing the electric hot water unit in their Art Deco apartment saved them upfront purchase and installation expenses, as well as ongoing running costs.

“We love our hydronic heating. We no longer have to flee to a café in winter or spend hours in the shower just to warm up. We are now happy to be at home because it’s such a comfortable heat. There is no dust or mould build-up, which has helped greatly with my asthma. And it’s so quiet.

“As a result of replacing our electrichot water tank and old heating, we have halved our annual electricity and gas bills so the system has already paid for itself,” Cheyne says.

Cheyne adds that they also appreciated Brinlex Heat’s quick two-day no-fuss installation and how low maintenance the combi boiler is.

“Brinlex Heat hasbeen very thorough, and also offer great ongoing support and service. We liked that they problem solved for our situation and listened to our requirements and concerns before presenting us with the perfect solution,” Cheyne says.

Your Energy and Water Needs

Whether a combi boiler is suitable for you depends largely on your household needs, your water flow rate and how much heat energy (KWs/kilowatts) your home requires. Brinlex Heat can discuss your water demands and management and determine whether a combi boiler is the best solution for you.

Our partner company, Brinlex Plumbing & Gas has licensed and professional plumbers who are able to expertly and efficiently install both your combi boiler and hydronic heating.

Brinlex Heat can develop the best hydronic heating solution for you, and help you decide the right boiler for your household needs. Contact us now.